Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Call for submissions

Once again, I am beyond thrilled to be serving as a host for the Carnival of Feminists! My previous hosting gig was a blast, and I'm hoping to top it, with your help. Here are the categories I'd like to see addressed this time around:

Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the 'Rents:
How parents, siblings and partners affect our views of our bodies, our self-worth, our abilities, our sexuality and our feminism.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better:
Gender essentialism and the idea that certain things come 'naturally' to the sexes.

If You're Advertising, You Must Be Selling:
Sexuality and the media. Being branded in a certain way because of how you look. The benefits and repercussions of conforming (and not conforming) to traditional interpretations of sexuality.

It's my personal belief that feminism necessarily involves men, but not everyone agrees. How fully should men be welcomed into feminist spaces? Can men truly be feminists? What are the benefits and difficulties of being a pro-feminist man? What men have influenced your views and experiences of feminism?

Could You Please Stop Breathing My Air?
Jockeying for position in the public sphere (work, politics, just walking down the street).

It's Not Fun, But It's Funny!
Yes, feminists have a sense of humor.

Are You There, Goddess? It's Me, Ginger.
Faith and feminism.

Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth:
How gender-based rules make dating, mating and relating difficult.

Don't worry too much about writing specifically for any of these topics; I'll file your post under whichever is appropriate, and I'll create a "Miscellaneous" category if it's needed.

The Carnival will be posted on July 23, so please get your entries to me by July 20. Submit your entries by using the carnival submission form, or email me directly. Step up to the plate, kids! I can't do this without you.

UPDATE: a couple of possible contributors have asked whether they can submit something they've already written. Of course you can! You don't have to write something just for the Carnival. Send me whatever you'd like to share, and I'll put it under whichever category I think is appropriate. If you'd like an example of how this works, click here.

Hat tip: Image courtesy of McMillan Digital Art.



Anonymous Burning Prairie said...

Could I submit something that I already published on my own blog?

11:17 AM  
Blogger Ginger said...

Yes, absolutely. My topics are only guidelines. You don't have to write something brand-new. Submit something that you'd really like to share, and I'll put it wherever I think it belongs. Thanks for asking!

11:48 AM  
Blogger Snark Scribe said...

Oh yay! I'm looking forward to this.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Debbie said...

Here are two posts you might like. If they fit in a category, it's "please stop breathing my air." I love that description!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Sage said...

I just submitting one on "advertising" - hope you get it even though it's officially late! It's here too.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Ginger said...

Thanks Sage, it's a great post!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Kansas said...

Okay, I used the submission form to submit the two I wrote today--hopefully one of 'em fits in! :) (if not, though my heart'll be totally broken, I will understand!)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Ginger said...

I'm getting so many amazing entries this time around. This carnival is going to kick some serious ass.

11:59 AM  

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