Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Laugh it up, Mr. Sensitivity

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So, this weekend I was watching Jerry Seinfeld get The Comedian Award on HBO. Most of the show consisted of a panel of comedians (Garry Shandling, Chris Rock, Robert Klein and Seinfeld) talking about the highs and lows of their profession while they alternately ribbed and heaped praise on each other. They were moderated by Anderson Cooper.

Hey, I liked Seinfeld. I've also seen Jerry Seinfeld perform live, and I thought he was even funnier doing standup than he was on his show. The Comedian Award was fairly entertaining, and very funny in parts.

Near the end, all the men talked about their upcoming projects. Jerry Seinfeld mentioned his upcoming animated film, Bee Movie, which he researched, wrote, and does a voice for.

Anderson Cooper asked him, "I guess you really got into the whole bee thing," to which Seinfeld replied, "Yeah, I found the whole thing fascinating. I researched everything, visited apiaries, you name it. Bee society is superior to ours in every way, you know. They have no murder, no crime, no rape...well, they have rape, but not bad rape."

Uh, yeah. 'Cause you know what's really funny, you guys? Rape.

Nice job, Jer. You have a daughter, don't you? Wake the fuck up, dude.

Yeah, ok, he was talking about bees, but what kills me is that a genuinely talented comedian would resort to that shit - the lowest common denominator. Readers, I laugh every day, but my funny bone refuses to be tickled by a man making a rape joke. I know women who've been raped (most people do). Men making jokes about rape is pure, unadulterated assholery, for very obvious reasons. Still, some men just do not get it. Rape is a throwaway joke, an easy laugh.

I can hear the apologists saying, "Where's your sense of humor? You're so uptight! Lighten up."

Sorry, I laugh when something's funny.

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