Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keep it classy

Went to Hermosa Beach on Sunday last weekend, because I like my holidays hot with a side of drunken 22-year-olds.

I kid. But I have to say, the beach party scene has never been my thing.

Had dinner with a couple of girlfriends - the weather was perfect, and the food was wonderful - and then headed to Patrick Malloys, a pub on the boardwalk. It was drunken-22-year-old heaven.

Note to said 22-year-olds: booze does not improve your dancing skills. It does make you more willing to look silly in front of total strangers, though.

After having a drink, I squeezed my way past a couple of partyers so I could have a pee. I found myself standing in line with a couple of women having a very intense, very drunken conversation, of which my favorite part was this:

"Listen, girl, I am 33 now. I have decided I'm just not going to pee in alleyways anymore. It's tacky!"

As if it's okay at some other age.

That's Hermosa on a holiday weekend, in a nutshell.



Anonymous potenta said...

the guy from the woman in red looks just like my uncle jajaja

thanks :)

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Mojo Libido said...

The Alleyway...isn't that where the bathrooms are supposed to be??

2:54 PM  
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