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Please indulge me while I take a moment to be political, dear readers. My cousin P is a Marine. He has done two tours in Iraq. He's had a few close calls over there, and he doesn't agree with the war, or how it's being (mis)handled. Each time he made it back to the States in one piece, we all breathed a sigh of relief. So, the family just found out that he may be called back for a third tour. Apparently the Marines aren't making their new recruit quota (shocker!), so they're calling the inactive marines back.

I am furious for so many reasons, but I don't want this post to be about me. I want it to be about our soldiers, who deserve better than they're getting; I want it to be about the parents of those soldiers, who have to cross their fingers that their children will come home safe.

Instead of talking about my own feelings, I'd like to share the thoughts of P's mother M, who is also my godmother. She wrote a long and emotional email to friends and family after finding out that P may be called to duty any day now. In the early morning hours, unable to sleep, she wrote:

It's without a doubt a moral crisis and our kids going to suffer for what? I think everyone should talk amongst their families and send an email to their respective congressman or woman and senator and state your case for these kids, all our kids.

It's enough. We need to leave and we need to turn our attention to the ones that did survive and need our care and support for their lives. And by the way, they should get the same damn benefits the congress and senate receive. They serve the American people, and our soldiers, Marines, Army, Navy - all our military should get the same top notch medical to take care of them. They are our heroes, they went in good faith and only to find out they have to wait and struggle to wait for medical care? It's disgraceful. So many now have mental and psychiatric issues that cannot be ignored. I have to ask the President, how is this being patriotic?

This whole mess from the beginning did not have a concise plan. I don't want to let my son go. It's wrong, it's immoral, these kids deserve better, they deserve a better president, in fact, they deserve a better "commander in chief" and they still don't have one.

I have promised myself that if my son goes over again I will write to President Bush again, as I have done before, and tell him my thoughts for the day as a mother concered for her son for the 3rd time over in Iraq. Maybe he can send some free food once in awhile, since they are charged for their food whether they eat it or not, and maybe I can remind him the his lovely daughters would be more than welcome serving their country. What citizens could be more proud than their own parents President and Mrs. Barbara Bush? Oh, and before I forget, P's parents will lovingly send him off with all the equipment he needs whatever it costs after the government issue is given out and the rest of the stuff that they REALLY need they won't receive. This has happened two times, and what do you say to a marine heading off to Iraq? 'NO?' say, 'whatever you need, you'll have it...'

Funny, we heard the president and Rumsfeld say the same thing 4 years ago and then again a year later and we still had to send $$$ for equipment and supplies that would be more safe than what was government standard issue...but I keep forgetting...the president said we are winning?


I am so very sad. My heart is heavy...just waiting, waiting, waiting....please write to someone and ask them to stop this and stop it now..

and pray for P and all his Marine brothers. – M

I can't add anything to that. We don't often get to hear from the mothers and fathers who wait and worry. My family is just one more family that's being put in the awful position of keeping our fingers crossed yet again. The parents of our soldiers aren't getting any answers, the American people have been lied to for years, and this war of greed is ruining the lives of Americans and Iraqis who did not seek it.

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Blogger Biby Cletus said...

hey good article about the soiliders in iraq. I aggre with you what you said the soldiers are trated good.The country also destroyed by the war the pepole there also are been sufered.good blog will be back soon.

regards Biby - Blog

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anne Tyler said...

I will say a prayer for your family...everyday this (Holy) week at mid-day prayers...and also I will continue to pray for peace.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Linnaeus said...

Don't think I could have said it any better, Ging.

1:34 PM  
Blogger MissPrism said...

Best wishes for all your family, Ginger - hope your cousin gets home safe, sound and soon.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been opposed to this war from the beginning and the process has been excruciating for me to watch. I'm lucky enough NOT to have a loved one fighting and being mained or killed so that our country can occupy another sovereign nation, destroy the lives of innocent people, rape and pillage our Treasury and the pour the bucks into the pockets of fat, white, rich men. But I do have three teenage nephews and I am afraid for them.

US occupation of Iraq makes me ashamed to be a US citizen. However, I, along with millions of others are fighting actively at the grass-roots level in opposition to the war. I'd rather go down swinging than just go down.


2:27 PM  
Blogger Mellzah said...

I heard Bush make a speech on the radio this morning, and he had the audacity to claim that if we didn't beat 'them' over 'there', that 'they' would come attack us here, just like 'they' did on September 11th--completely ignoring the fact that the Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11 whatsoever. It infuriates me to think about our soldiers continuing to go overseas to fight in this neverending abomination.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous witchy-woo said...

"the American people have been lied to for years, and this war of greed is ruining the lives of Americans and Iraqis who did not seek it."

You can count us Brits in that too, Ginger.

My son nearly joined the army last year. He wanted to join up "for Queen and Country". I pointed out to him that, in all liklihood, he'd find himself somewhere in a middle eastern desert being ordered to kill other people for no discernably patriotic reason.

Thankfully, he changed his mind but I came that close to experiencing firsthand what your godmother is feeling. That was horrible enough for me - it must be excruciating for her; for a third time too. This might sound daft but...would you tell her I'm sending her supportive vibes?

I don't actually know anyone over here who supports this war. Everyone I speak to about it acknowledges that it was always about oil and never, ever about those mythical 'weapons of mass destruction'.

So many lives sacrificed so that some dingbat gets access to oil and more power. It's just wrong.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous J said...

Yeah, the war in Iraq should never have begun. I'm glad I never joined the military; I'm also glad that I'm too old to be drafted(unless they up the draft age). Hopefully this war(s) will end soon.

8:42 PM  
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