Monday, September 04, 2006

An example of how a comment from a total stranger can be cute and funny.

A random comment from The Peanut Gallery doesn't always raise a woman's hackles, dear readers. Human as we are, we're social animals that crave communication, recognition and appreciation. There's a big difference between talking at somebody and talking to them. A comment that's delivered in a truly friendly way isn't just a comment; it's an interaction. Sometimes, one stranger can make another stranger's day (or just make them laugh).

I was in Santa Monica today, walking down 4th Avenue on my way to meet my friend Sarah. Work has been incredibly busy these past few weeks, complete with long days, weekend hours and lots of eating at my desk. Readers, I have felt like an absolute sloth lately. I've spent a good part of this holiday weekend taking long walks, doing crunches and stretching. Anyway, I wanted to dress up a little bit today instead of donning my usual t-shirt and jeans uniform yet again. With that in mind, today's outfit consisted of an olive green belted mini, a plain black tank top and knee high black boots.

I was feeling pretty good and non slob-like for the first time in weeks. As I reached the corner of 4th and Santa Monica, I spotted a homeless man walking towards me, pushing a shopping cart that carried all of his worldly possessions. I think I've mentioned before that I sometimes volunteer with a homeless assistance organization. I understand how these people are marginalized and shunned, and how their treatment only exacerbates their problems. I try to make eye contact and smile, unless somebody seems cranked, hostile or nutty. Mr. Shopping Cart seemed pretty chill, so I smiled, and he lit up.

"Baby," he said, "you have damn pretty legs!" He smiled ear to ear - a genuine smile, not a lecherous one (by the time a woman reaches the age of 20, she's hardwired to make the distinction). It was a smile with maybe 10 teeth in it, but it was genuine and friendly.

I laughed. "Well thank you," I said. "Have a nice day." See? No flag, no foul. Context is indeed everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ginger, those legs of yours are compliments of your mom... and grandmother!!! they always received rave reviews!!!
love you,
yr favorite "aunt rita"

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

3:53 PM  
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