Monday, June 09, 2008

My onion works its magic yet again

Dear twentysomething cads in Burbank Village:

Yelling "Booty booty booty booty!" at me from your car as I cross the street is my absolute favorite mating call. Really, why didn't you pull over so I could jump in? At least one of you must be marriage material. Teenage behavior in adult men does it for me like nothing else. FILL ME WITH YOUR LITTLE BABIES!!

Wait! Wait!! Where are you going?! COME BACK!

Yeah, keep driving. I noticed that there were no chicks in the car with you - I wonder why that is?

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Blogger Linnaeus said...

Well, Ging, when you got it, you got it.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Ginger said...

But I haven't got it, I swear!

5:02 PM  
Blogger Letty Cruz said...

You're doubly blessed, and cursed, I'm afraid. Great peaches and sweet onions are chode magnets.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Ginger said...

I'd start a blog called "Chode Magnet" but I'm busy enough with this one!

6:35 PM  
Blogger Letty Cruz said...


9:17 PM  
Anonymous Jesa said...

See, if they fill you with babies, they may be required by law to get off of their mom's couch and get a job.Hence the sped off thing. they may think they "came" too close to the real thing.

10:53 AM  

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